Sunday, October 17, 2004

Glad You Asked That Question, Tim

As I commented at lgf:

RUSSERT: Mr. Kerry, how do you respond to those who say your recent comments on Mary Cheney's sexual orientation were improper?

KERRY: Tim, I'm glad you asked that very important question. I HAVE A PLAN to deal with just these types of misunderstandings, which as I'm sure you know, are rooted - rooted - in the intolerance of many Americans of their neighbors, co-workers, and domestic partners who may not be eleigible for health care benefits. I HAVE A PLAN for Lesbians who find themselves without insurance.

I know if you asked Mary Cheney, she would say to you, just like I'm saying here today, that perhaps if her Mom and Dad had better insurance when she was born, her life would have been just the same as anyone else's. And that's why I HAVE A PLAN to make all Americans understand that even in strong, loving families, when we're losing jobs at the rate of 850,000 per day, it's only reasonable to expect that some Lesbians like Mary Cheney will be affected... American Lesbians, who will tell you, just like I'm telling you here, that they have been out-sourced, along with their sexual orientation.

I HAVE A PLAN, TIM to move beyond the dangers of out-sourcing. Out-sourcing vital jobs, such as the production of flu vaccine, which President Bush has failed to prevent, in a a monumental failure of leadership. When I was in Cambodia, even there, I HAD A PLAN to assure that everyone received a flu shot before we burned down their villages in a manner reminiscent of G-G-Gheng-g-ghis Khaaaan. Those flu shots are seared, seared into my memory.

RUSSERT: Thank you, Senator

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