Monday, October 18, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry: The Only Question

I heard a staggering collection of impressive economic statistics today. In the three years since 9/11, the U.S. economy has set some astonishing records. The old Republican success story of economic prosperity, right? Not exactly. We have struggled mightily these past three years, though some would have us forget that fact.

The illusion being peddled by the Kerry Democrats, that we can return to the days when terrorism was a "nuisance," and mutual assured destruction held in balance all the forces of global destruction, is just that – an illusion. Prosperity may still be possible, and there may be time to debate domestic programs such as health care and tort reform, but without the continued, aggressive suppression of international terrorism, these promises and programs will mean absolutely nothing.

John Kerry has done nothing to convince me that he understands any of this.

George W. Bush has not only convinced me, he has taught me the value of moral courage.

Soon - very soon - those who literally wish us dead will have weapons of mass destruction to use in their campaign of asymmetrical warfare. We do not have the luxury of time to hold summits and discuss new plans. The handwriting has been on the wall for a very long time, and some of us can read the message.

Update: Thanks to all who have responded thus far. Your comments, pro or con, are appreciated; however, this blog will not be used as a sounding board for Michael Moore-style propaganda. Well-expressed opinions are always welcome, but unfounded rumor is not. Thank you.


josh narins said...
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Laura Lee Donoho said...

This was a great article. Very important. Thanks for it.

Saganashkee said...
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Saganashkee said...

I am a child of the 50s. I came to the age of majority in July 1960, and 4 months later proudly cast my first vote for the real JFK - John Fitzgerald Kennedy. In June 1961 I received my college degree and an ROTC commission in the US Army. I was also fortunate enough to be offered a job by one of the US intelligence agencies in the DC area which I accepted. It was tempory for then, I knew, I would adventually get my orders to report to Ft. Sill, OK for officer basic and a duty assignment. That was life for a young man then - you knew you were going to the service for 2 years - far better to go through ROTC in college and go into the service with a gold bar on your shoulder. I married and brought my bride to Northern Virginia. In September 1962, I received my orders to report to Ft. Sill the 1st of November. No problem, I would work until the end of October and then go on to Oklahoma. In early October, I and a lot of other analysts began to look at very disturbing photos form the Mariel area in Cuba. It was Soviet equipment, Soviet housing, and by golly, a lot of it looked like they were going to be medium range ballistic missle sites similar to Soviet missles in occupied Europe and near the Turkish border. But to get at your gut, it meant that the difference in time between some Soviet pushing a button in Mariel and the ionization of a portion of the DC area was about 10 minutes. John Fitgerald Kennedy had the moral courage and charisma to draw a line in the ocean and tell Khruschev, don't cross this line or we will be in a state of war, period. End of discussion. Khruschev blinked and as a result, I am telling this story. JFK not only had the moral fiber, courage and clarity to draw the line but to go on TV and show the photos so all Americans knew the challenge and risk thrown at us and his decision to draw the line. By dinner time that evening there was hardly a person in the DC area that didn't understand that if Khruschev didn't blink, if he didn't turn his ships back all of our lives were hanging in the balance. But Americans, to the man, woman, and child, backed our president. Can you imagine the results if JFK has stood for John Forbes Kerry? Anyway I voted for LBJ in 1964 and that was the last time I have ever voted for a Democrat for any major office. The point of all this is I cannot think of a President since Jack Kennedy other than George Bush that has the moral clarity, fortitude, and courage to stand up for the USA and the promise of our forefathers for the world regardless the costs, real and immagined. There is no choice this year other than GWB.