Tuesday, October 19, 2004

American Digest: Fifty Reasons Why

American Digest: Fifty Reasons Why This web site is a keeper... I hope it never gets retired!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry: The Only Question

I heard a staggering collection of impressive economic statistics today. In the three years since 9/11, the U.S. economy has set some astonishing records. The old Republican success story of economic prosperity, right? Not exactly. We have struggled mightily these past three years, though some would have us forget that fact.

The illusion being peddled by the Kerry Democrats, that we can return to the days when terrorism was a "nuisance," and mutual assured destruction held in balance all the forces of global destruction, is just that – an illusion. Prosperity may still be possible, and there may be time to debate domestic programs such as health care and tort reform, but without the continued, aggressive suppression of international terrorism, these promises and programs will mean absolutely nothing.

John Kerry has done nothing to convince me that he understands any of this.

George W. Bush has not only convinced me, he has taught me the value of moral courage.

Soon - very soon - those who literally wish us dead will have weapons of mass destruction to use in their campaign of asymmetrical warfare. We do not have the luxury of time to hold summits and discuss new plans. The handwriting has been on the wall for a very long time, and some of us can read the message.

Update: Thanks to all who have responded thus far. Your comments, pro or con, are appreciated; however, this blog will not be used as a sounding board for Michael Moore-style propaganda. Well-expressed opinions are always welcome, but unfounded rumor is not. Thank you.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Matt and Kristine Married on Kauai

A view of the Kauai waterfall where Matt and Kristine were married October 2, 2004. Posted by Hello

Matt and Kristine exchanged vows at the Na' Aina Botanical Gardens on the north shore of Kauai. The ceremony was beautiful, and topped several days of celebration by family and friends. We were privileged to be among the many guests who made the trip. A California reception will be held November 12.

Glad You Asked That Question, Tim

As I commented at lgf:

RUSSERT: Mr. Kerry, how do you respond to those who say your recent comments on Mary Cheney's sexual orientation were improper?

KERRY: Tim, I'm glad you asked that very important question. I HAVE A PLAN to deal with just these types of misunderstandings, which as I'm sure you know, are rooted - rooted - in the intolerance of many Americans of their neighbors, co-workers, and domestic partners who may not be eleigible for health care benefits. I HAVE A PLAN for Lesbians who find themselves without insurance.

I know if you asked Mary Cheney, she would say to you, just like I'm saying here today, that perhaps if her Mom and Dad had better insurance when she was born, her life would have been just the same as anyone else's. And that's why I HAVE A PLAN to make all Americans understand that even in strong, loving families, when we're losing jobs at the rate of 850,000 per day, it's only reasonable to expect that some Lesbians like Mary Cheney will be affected... American Lesbians, who will tell you, just like I'm telling you here, that they have been out-sourced, along with their sexual orientation.

I HAVE A PLAN, TIM to move beyond the dangers of out-sourcing. Out-sourcing vital jobs, such as the production of flu vaccine, which President Bush has failed to prevent, in a a monumental failure of leadership. When I was in Cambodia, even there, I HAD A PLAN to assure that everyone received a flu shot before we burned down their villages in a manner reminiscent of G-G-Gheng-g-ghis Khaaaan. Those flu shots are seared, seared into my memory.

RUSSERT: Thank you, Senator

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Short Attention Span Generation

Ever more frequently, John Kerry falls victim to the melodious (yet droning) sound of his own voice, causing him to temporarily abandon whatever better judgment he might possess, in favor of making a pronouncement of some sort that inevitably gets him into trouble. As much as I am heartened every time this happens, I am unfortunately not convinced that the on-the-fence voter really gets worked up to the point of making a difference. The Kerry campaign has become the gaffe-of-the-day club, yet the diehards and the ignoramuses continue to wail about Fahrenheit 911 mythology and the looming Evil-Republican draft conspiracy.

Kerry's 'lesbian not by choice' quip was not impromptu. The Democrats are hoping to conflict and divide benighted right-wing Christians, who obviously believe homosexuality is strictly a choice, not an inherited trait. Kerry was waiting for an opening, and eagerly rammed his truck right through it when it presented itself.

While many of us are outraged, and rightfully so, the outrage won't be sustained. With news cycles being what they are, the story has already begun to fade, while Viacom, ABC, the Washington Post, New York Times (et al, et al, ad infinitum) keep doing CPR on the outrageous canards relating to the secret draft, widespread voter intimidation, and the rescue of Kerry's 'illustrious' military service.

Bush stressed education as a realistic solution to America's supposed job creation problem (another of Kerry's manufactured campaign issues). Education and the ability to use it - real-world thinking, in other words - would also be the best (perhaps the only) realistic solution to the electoral mess our nation's presidential campaigns have become. I hope the first-time voters will realize that beyond the botox, in Kerry they may be voting for more than just a false front. He's phony on the inside as well, and his dark vision, of a disintegrating America should he not be elected, may in fact turn out to be his legacy, if he tragically is.


Monday, Oct. 18

As John Kerry might say, there's always the possibility of changing one's opinion. It's been five days since Kerry's gaffe, and, despite the outcry for a public apology, we have (predictably) heard nothing. I'm beginning to think this may be the one-liner that torpedoes the Kerry swiftboat. Whether he apologizes or not, it will now remain an issue - and this close to November 2, it might be enough to keep the poll numbers up for George Bush. Still , a lot can happen, and I remain worried about the ill-informed and emotional voters among the electorate.