Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just a Man and His Friend

Outside work one morning, I stopped an old friend and asked if I could take his picture. A World War II Veteran, he walks several miles every morning, navigating the mostly abandoned old tracks adjacent to my workplace.
I have known this man for several years. Every so often, I notice that his gait seems to have slowed a bit, and he takes more breaks to talk to his dog. Still, he walks every morning. His smile, and the friendly bark of the dog, welcome the hundreds of friends who pass him every day on their way to work. This picture for me captured the sense of a long life - and a long friendship - continuing the journey, not looking back.

Why Teenagers Shouldn't Drive

This is what happens to your car when a kid who just finished his Driver's Ed class at the local high school decides your street is NASCAR Boulevard. We mourned the loss of our once-nice car just long enough to be hit again, in the same spot, but with no parked car to slow yet another high school driver as he (and the three passengers with him) careened into our house... and that of our neighbors.
We are lobbying for a speed bump (or a stop sign) but with no success, as yet.

Would You Eat Here?

I snapped this photo of an actual sign posted at a local restaurant. (Click to enlarge). The employees couldn't figure out why I was taking the picture.

Nostalgia? Well, not exactly.

I was walking down the street and snapped this picture of my grandson. It turned out pretty good...