Sunday, July 19, 2009

What You Don't Know...

It's terrible what life does to us when we think we're on top of things. We go on day to day, walking through our own private hallways, opening the doors we're familiar with, but never stopping to find out what's behind the other ones.

Just when I had figured out who's who in the blogosphere, I find out that, along with my daughters, my son Jay has a pretty cool website, Buzzpath. Actually, I knew he worked designing websites, but just never made the obvious conclusion. Either that, or I'm suffering from CRS disease (if you don't know what CRS stands for, I'll just say it's a synonym for geriatric amnesia).

I've added one of Jay's gadgets (now I know where those things come from) and hope I'm smart enough to solve the puzzles it poses. If my blogging skills and my memory are any indicator, I may be able to find the answers... given enough time, that is.

I'm actually accepting the effects of advancing age. I saved $4.00 the other day by ordering off the Senior Menu (see how close the words senior and senile are in the dictionary). And I've graduated to those "Silver" vitamins, along with Flomax and Avodart. I wonder every day what surprises my body and mind have in store for me. I was informed that this coming week, I'll be in charge at the office. "Well," I thought to myself, "I hope my bad knee holds out for just one more week!"

But I've come to know that, whatever the malady, there's some pill or contraption out there that will help me get by. My chief anxiety, in fact, stems from the fear of losing all those chemicals and devices that get me through the day. Still, I'm happy, especially with smart kids to brag about. Kids who write, invent and amaze with the strength of their spirits. Maybe I discovered Buzzpath at exactly the time I needed it... because life is good, but it's better with gadgets.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Out of the Shadow

It is the curse of being the second in line. I've always been mindful of the fact that there are fewer pictures and videos of Payton, Megan's daughter. She's always had to share the spotlight with her older brother. It's not fair, but it's difficult to rectify. The usual photo ops occur when both of them are together, or little sister's taking a nap, or some other obstacle prevents Payton from getting her picture taken solo. (It doesn't help that she won't hold still for a picture). But I finally got a couple of shots recently, and thought I'd give her a turn, just by herself.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Day At The Park

Luc and I had been at the park for a few minutes when Taylor showed up. "Okay," I thought... "Luc will have a nice time tormenting Taylor with his squirt gun." But things got really strange a few minutes later, when Uncle Matt arrived with Cole. (No, he didn't know we were there.) This was one day I was glad I had my camera. I shot (literally) a couple of hundred pictures. Just thought I'd share a few of them.