Sunday, March 25, 2007

"I Was A Four-Year Old Werewolf"

No, it wasn't Halloween, but Luc had this costume on, and it was a full moon - so I took this shot. Obviously, things haven't been so hectic that I can't have a moment or two of fun once in a while.
Speaking of fun, I'm busy getting my 10,000 tax documents together to assemble my annual income tax package. Maybe I'll take some action shots of that exciting experience!


your twin said...

Cute picture of looks like you just might be changing a bit yourself.....the mask is off, but now you look like Oliver Hardy! Ah...someday you will have a REAL picture of you on here so all of your readers can see the real you! :-) Good luck with all those documents and tax time! Isn't it loads of fun?? :-)

your twin said...

Happy Easter to my twin!

R. K. Allen said...

Thank you (belatedly)for the Easter wishes.

Now, have a great Memorial Day!