Saturday, July 24, 2004

Taking the time to vote intelligently.

Throughout the ages, corrupt and misguided people have successfully influenced civil and political behavior by seeding the clouds of political storm with rumor and half-truth.  We now see Michael Moore's most recent attempt to wreak havoc on our electoral process, raking in profits and taking in unsuspecting minds around the world. 

It is a sad commentary that this generally discredited "documentary" gets any hearing at all, when the 9/11 Commission Report (flawed as it may be) offers far more useful and relatively objective information relevant to what really happened before, during, and after this tragedy.  For roughly the same cost as a movie ticket, a truly interested voter can at least get the facts, as far as they are known, before reaching a conclusion on 9/11, Mr. Moore's film, or the critical upcoming election.

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fi said...

This is a great editorial. Well done!