Friday, November 20, 2009

Kenzie Alina Mann

As promised, I'm (belatedly) sharing a picture of the newest grandchild, Kenzie. It looks like her brother is going to be nice to her -well, at least for now. Cole really is a very good child - mindful and polite. I'm sure he really will be an ideal big brother.
And Kristine and Matt are very good parents. It's pretty impressive to see how well they're doing as a family. It's fair to say that all the grandkids are fortunate to have parents (and grandparents) who love and care very deeply for them. These are the things that make life truly fulfilling.
More pictures to follow...


Fiauna said...

Thanks for sharing the photo!

The Fearless Heatons said...

She is so cute! How fun for them and you! :)