Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Day At The Park

Luc and I had been at the park for a few minutes when Taylor showed up. "Okay," I thought... "Luc will have a nice time tormenting Taylor with his squirt gun." But things got really strange a few minutes later, when Uncle Matt arrived with Cole. (No, he didn't know we were there.) This was one day I was glad I had my camera. I shot (literally) a couple of hundred pictures. Just thought I'd share a few of them.


Jeannie+Jay said...

Wow! What amazing luck to have so many grandkids together spontaneously! I wish we were there! We so miss the CA visits.

Jeannie+Jay said...

Hey Kent, Would you mind sending our family the email addresses of Mike/Taylor, Matt/Christine, Megan and Ronald/Barbara Allen? Thanks so much!

Fiauna said...

Sounds like a fun day. Cole looks so much like his dad. Crazy!