Friday, May 15, 2009

When Life Gets In The Way

Yes, that's an actual picture of my brain. At times I need to look at it to reassure myself I still have one in my head. Once again, months have gone by since my last post. I have been lagging on everything important: remembering birthdays, paying bills, and just plain taking the time to enjoy life. The reason is, back in February, a rather large lay-off was announced at work, affecting in particular my area of activity. Since that announcement I have been in Anxietyville. Days of relentless work and nightly insomnia made me a wreck.

Well, I've finally (three months later) been informed that I have a job - they're just not sure what it's going to be. I have resolved to become as teachable as possible. It's going to be somewhat challenging at my age, learning new job skills and technical knowledge, but that's what life is really about- learning to survive whatever comes your way.

So, I am writing this by way of apologizing to all those who may have wondered what edge of the earth I fell off of. I am just living the fulfillment of the saying, "May you live in interesting times."

Speaking of interesting times, I got a nice invitation recently to attend Paige's baptism in June. The tickets are already paid for, though I never seem to have the time to stay as long as I would like in Utah, it will be a timely opportunity to put things in their proper perspective. Thanks Paige, I owe you one.

And finally, I'm very proud to say that Mindy rean a 10K marathon earlier this month. She's living proof of the resilience of the human spirit. To think where things were just six months ago...

Well , I'm going to get back to reading the daughterblogs to see what else I've been missing. I promise to stay up-to-date on this particular blog... with the hope of living in times that aren't so interesting, at least not in the same way. And my brain? Don't worry, it's normal.


Fiauna said...

I had heard that you were living in Anxietyville, I just wasn't sure of what neighborhood. I'm glad to hear that all is well. We are very excited to have you come to the baptism!

BTW (Where did your link to The Sprightling Diaries go? Have all of my typos and grammatical errors scared you away?)

R. K. Allen said...

No, I just haven't been on the internet for quite a while. I've been pretty distracted... Love you.

Jeannie+Jay said...

It's OK to live in Anxietyville. I'm running for mayor in the next election.

We'll see you up there for the baptism.

The Fearless Heatons said...

I like the brain picture! I have a few of those myself. I actually will be having another CT Scan on Tuesday. Maybe they'll let me have a picture to show you. :)
I'm glad you are coming to the baptism. It will be fun.
Love you!