Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heavy Burden Upends Holiday

Memorial Day - perfect for celebrating the unofficial start of the summer season by getting away, visiting family and friends, or just staying home with a barbecue grill. Yes, Memorial Day is great - most of the time.

This year, we've decided to get caught-up on a lot of the repairs and other tasks that have been neglected for some time. Actually, a long time. I'm realizing that I'm getting older and slower, getting reminded every time I lift what once was a reasonably manageable box of no-longer-wanted stuff. Now it's a major challenge to carry the load. Strength is one thing. Flexibility also disappears with age. My body makes a different noise for every kind of physical movement. It sounds like a hinge in need of WD40.
I'm really not complaining, just feeling sorry for myself. This is the price I'm paying for putting off my unwelcome tasks for too many evenings and Saturdays. I really have no excuse, living in Southern California. It almost never rains, and it's generally pleasant as far as the temperature goes. So, while everyone enjoys the fruits of their labors, I'm just laboring.
And now my computer has decided to give up the ghost. I'm doing CPR on it as I'm writing this post on my work laptop. It's terrible how much we depend on complicated things (like cars, cell phones, and computers) to function reliably.
Anyway, for now I'll get back to the drudgery of home maintenance and the anxiety of trying to save a dying P.C. I just want to wish everyone a very nice Memorial Day weekend.

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Fiauna said...

That picture--hahaha! You know, Aaron's grandmother swore by WD40. She claimed that if she sprayed it on her knees, the pain of arthritis was greatly reduced. Maybe you could try it. ; ) Just kidding. No, but really, she did use WD40 on her knees.

Can't wait to see you next week!