Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another Great Trip to Utah

Thought I'd share a few of the 93 pictures I took of the family at Brighton's baptism.

Benjy with Keelie (top) and Mindy (below).

Another shot of Keelie...

and Aiden:


and Paige:

Brighton (I think that's Brooke in the background, hiding from the camera)


and his sister McKenna:

Aubeny with her dad, Michael.

Another shot of Aubeny...

Cayson in the front yard and Brooke at the piano (I couldn't believe she let me take her picture).

Dad and Mom showing off their musical talent

Yeah, that's me. And here are Fiauna and Mindy:

Jeannie (left) and a few shots of everyone having a good time:

Some of us found out that this much fun can tire you out...

There are obviously a lot more, but there's not enough room here to show them. Let's just say that everyone had a great time. I was sorry I had to leave!

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